Rida Khan

Rida Khan

Head of Fashion and Entertainment at Sinclair Broadcasting

Head of Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment Programming at Sinclair Broadcasting. Broadcast & Digital

Rida Khan is one of the strongest women in media - currently she heads
entertainment and lifestyle programming for Sinclair Broadcasting and controls
what is shown in over 450 TV stations in the United States. In addition, she runs and
owns Maxim TV (globally), owns Addicted Brands, which is an eyewear holding
company, and additionally she is also a mentor at Quake Capital.

Her Charity work includes working directly with the UN Secretary General and
Fashion 4 Development. In addition, she hosts the “First Ladies Luncheon” during
the UN Summit annually which is attended by Royal Families and First Ladies of the
world amongst other A-List celebrities.

She started her career at Morgan Stanley and left to form a disruptive platform in
the fashion industry that revolutionized the way buying is done all across the
industries. Her platform idea is now used by majority of tradeshows worldwide.
Previously she was the CEO of Fashion TV and also the President of Style TV.