Reshma Hyder

Reshma Hyder

Co-Founder MiFam Inc

Reshma is a startup mentor and investor in various global initiatives including lifestyle apps and real estate investments. She is a Co-Founder of  MiFam Inc., a technology online publishing serving families of digital natives since 2014.

At OPEN SV, her role is of a Charter member, Women Initiative Co Chair and Advisor to the OPEN SV Youth Board. She has been a mentor for youth for career and academic guidance since 2011. With her vast network, she helps design the Youth Sessions at the Annual OPEN FORUM.

Reshma also leads the communication outreach for CERT-City Emergency Rescue Team for Saratoga and is certified in CPR and AED. She is a STEM instructor for Science Olympiad at her local public school where she is on the working committee for CSE.

She has an extensive academic background in Finance with a career in financial services industry as a licensed professional with New York Life. Reshma served on PTA Executive Board and chaired Synopsis sponsored science fairs for 15 years at her local public school. She has founded HIKMA in 2010, the first peer to peer academic and career mentoring for youth, a co-founder of NISA helpline for families in distress due to domestic violence, an elected board member of WVMA Saratoga mosque and has been a speaker at ING from 2000-2015. She is a American-Muslim having roots in Middle east and Asia. She prides in calling herself a Global Citizen and master networker connecting people of interest worldwide.

Reshma is married to her husband Jamal Haider and they are parents of six children and just welcomed two daughter in laws. In her spare time, Reshma grows organic date trees from seeds, plays traditional folk percussion and harmonium and enjoys cooking gourmet halal food.  @ammaof6 on twitter or on LinkedIn