Healthcare experience has changed little in the last 50 years, but the pressures to reform have never been higher. In a digital era patients want immediate access to the healthcare. They expect technology to help prevent illnesses before they develop. The combination of these elements presents a great opportunity to change healthcare as we know it. 

In this panel, we will talk about how technology and silicon valley, in particular, playing a key role in bringing about these reforms. We will talk about the much-calculated entrance of Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in healthcare and how that will fuel the adoption of innovation. 

As the 5th largest country in the world, there are over 211 Million Pakistanis, with a median age of only 23 years! For comparison, the median age of Americans is 38 years; Japan is 46. It's no surprise that Pakistan is on-the-move, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy. With 139 million cellphone users, Pakistan is the 9th largest market for cellphones in the world. There are more broadband Internet users in Pakistan than the entire population of Canada. More Pakistanis use Facebook and Twitter than the entire populations of Australia and New Zealand combined. Six tech unicorns have Pakistani roots and, Pakistan is buzzing with hundreds of startups, scores of incubators and investors. There are over 150,000 Pakistani software developers on platforms such as upwork, making over USD 850 Million annually. There is no dearth of engineering talent or entrepreneurial energy, and you'd do well by investing in our "Digital Pakistan".  


husain dawood  shazada dawood  imran sayeed 
 Hussain Dawood  Shazada Dawood  Imran Sayeed

This session delves into the journey of Amir Khan, a successful tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Viptela, which sold to Cisco for $600 million. Viptela was the culmination of Amir's and his team's experience with critical routing and switching solutions, industry experience, and innovation that led to a software-based solution, which is disrupting the current network environment. 

The session is designed to take an informal look at how life experiences, traditional/non-traditional education, and determination coupled with a unique way to solve existing problems can lead you to your destination.
Join us for an intimate discussion with Amir on how his youth in Pakistan, creative thought process, changes in his educational track and challenges with previous startups and technologies led him to this point.

Amir is now committed to tell his story and inspire others who seek to take this journey, regardless of industry or theme.

amir khan faruk bhagani
 Amir Khan  Faruk Bhagani


Keynote will address Technology Innovations and Investments. Mr Ren Faqiang has deep expertize in Economic Affairs and has worked on many Chinese Govt initiatives for technology development  and partnerships around the world like OBOR and CPEC. Attend this unique forum to understand what is happening globally and what  the local implications are.  

Screen Shot 2018 04 25 at 8.07.46 PM   
 Ren Faqiang  




Healthcare experience has changed little in the last 50 years, but the pressures to reform have never been higher. In a digital era patients want immediate access to the healthcare. They expect technology to help prevent illnesses before they develop. The combination of these elements presents a great opportunity to changehealthcare as we know it. 

In this panel, we will talk about how technology and silicon valley, in particular, playing a key role in bringing about these reforms. We will talk about the much-calculated entrance of Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in healthcare and how that will fuel the adoption of innovation. 

The technology landscape continues to change rapidly.  Compute power is increasing while compute costs are decreasing.  This session will explore the next big emerging trends and the impact these will have on our lives.  The panel comprises of industry leaders passionate about driving change in the world.  We are on the verge of effectively having unlimited bandwidth, enormous cloud-based computational power and data at our finger tips, available anywhere on any device at any time.  These advancements will fundamentally change the human-machine interface and interactions, realizing that security and data privacy issues will continue to pose significant challenges. How will the re-emergence of Artificial Intelligence concepts be applied to everyday tasks.  What are barriers to have a fully "autonomous life style?” How will we manage our health and wealth in the future? Tighten your seatbelts as we journey into a world of technology, data convergence and cool, kickass applications

ghufran ahmed  andy yasutake  zak mandhro  Kash Iftikhar 
 Ghufran Ahmed  Andy Yasutake  Zak Mandhora  Kash Iftikhar

In the exciting world of Life Sciences, there are researchers from academia and investors who fund innovations. What happens when leaders in both fields  work together for breakthoughs in medicine. Panel will cover  topics on Innovation in biotechnology,   AI in Healthcare,  and how it will be used in future to save lives.  A bit of robotics in the medical field and advancement in sports injury developments will  provide an insight  you don't want to miss.  

mir imran  maheen admson   
 Mir Imran  Dr Maheen Adamson  

Rida is Head of Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment Programming at Sinclair Broadcasting. She will be interviewed by Zareefa Burki Flener on her story as an immigrants success of becoming one of the biggest names in Media and the challenges she faces day to day.

Before joining Sinclair Rida Khan was the Senior Media Advisor of Fashion 4 Development. She provided  organization advice on all media related issues and help to form key strategic media partnerships for all the initiatives Fashion 4 Development (F4D) global platform is involved in.

Rida Khan joined Fashion TV in 2013 as their CEO and in May of 2014 she purchased the rights of Style TV  to re-launch it in the American Market. Style TV  focused on the Fashion and beauty Industry. It was a mix of reality shows, informational shows and some life style programming.

Earlier she had  her company Zee report in 2008 that aimed to provide Fashion Industry news without any subscription costs. It grew rapidly and now provides news coverage in 15 different languages and 50 different countries and has an annual page view of over 30 million. Later in 2009, Khan launched which was not only an industry based networking portal, it also had the capability of uploading look books and portfolios and the ability to place orders online. was one of the first of its kind and still remains to be the leader in the fashion digital wholesale platform.

Zareefa is the managing partner at FLENER IP & BUSINESS LAW, a Women-Owned business, and has extensive experience managing international and domestic patent and trademark portfolios in a wide range of areas. She has also been highly successful in obtaining  goals in M&A deals including preparing, revising and negotiating intellectual property related agreements.  Zareefa regularly provides thorough and effective assistance to companies in their due diligence efforts.  

 rida khan  zareefa burki flener  
 Rida Khan  Zareefa Burki Flener  






Rise of the Machines: AI Meets Traditional Business

From Agriculture to Healthcare, Hospitality to Enterprise IT, Artificial Intelligence is the foundational technology reshaping today's business landscape. 
Join a conversation with entrepreneurs and investors as they describe real world applications of AI , separate hype from reality,  preview the opportunities, dilemmas and dangers, and predict the future of life with intelligent machines.



IoT is the foundation of the global industrial transformation (4th wave). It promises better production productivity, a hyper-connected manufacturing ecosystem, deeper insights into what customers want, new revenue streams and more reliable products.

However, when using IoT to enhance business there’s clearly no-one-size-fits-all approach. The key to success with IoT is to embrace digitization where you think it will drive the most innovation. Whether the IoT objective is internal or external, systematically understanding the goal, clearly outlining the capabilities needed for success, and developing a solution that supports your long-term objectives is the key to success.

We are going to have a distinguished panel of IoT experts who will try to elucidate on the IoT challenges and opportunities for Cities and Governments, Enterprises, Cloud Companies, ISPs and solution providers.


Jawad Tareen supreet oberoi
Session Chair: Waqas Khan Ahsan Baig  Farooq Anjum Jawad Treen    Supreet Oberoi











The Cryptocurrency panel is designed to give you the edge on cryptocurrencies. Understand what a cryptocurrency is and why it is viewed by investors, banks and governments as the gold rush of our time. We bring together the world’s top blockchain technology and cryptocurrency experts and providers on a single stage, as it becomes increasingly relevant within the realm of how businesses, systems and processes are run, the paradigm shift is clear, innovate or die. This panel will shed light on the nuances within cryptocurrency, and how you can utilise this trend in a safe and efficient manner, opportunities to benefit by generating solutions or just making  your money work harder for you than ever before.

  riaz karamali4  Photo ryan singer
  Naveed Sherwani Gangesh Ganesan  Riaz Karamali Irfan Burney  Ryan Singer



Atif Javed and Zahra Billoo, two accomplished professionals entrepreneurs, will be sharing their insights on how they are able to complement their careers with social justice and aid initiatives. These initiatives  have impacted the lives and hearts of many. Atif Javed was awarded the MIT Martin Luther King Jr. Service Award, Silicon Valley Business Journal's 40 Under 40, and featured in Forbes and TechCrunch after launching Tarjimly in Y Combinator. Tarjimly is a real-time translation app that allows 3 billion bilinguals to translate for the 23 million refugees worldwide. Zahra Billoo is well known for her work as a civil rights attorney and the executive director of the SF Bay Area chapter of CAIR, highlighted on a local and national level. Outside of her work with CAIR, Zahra bakes birthday cakes for foster children through Cake4Kids and is a coordinator for Project Feed, a monthly homeless feeding effort in downtown San Francisco.


Sameehah Hussain Atif Javed zahra billo  
 Samehah Hussain  Atif Javed  Zahra Billo  

Speakers from the Media, Arts, and Entertainment industry, speak about their journey to success.

The Media & Entertainment panel consists of high profile speakers with successful careers in the entertainment industries. Mahum Jamal is a Pakistani-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles who has created multiple award winning films, including her recent film, A Good Dream.  Billie Feldman is a film producer who has recently produced a short film, Easy 4U2 Say, and is also in pre-production for a movie called Elementary Blackmail. Another panelist is Bhavini Joshi, CEO/Founder of Instant Karma, a Bay Area premiere entertainment company that organizes events of many of the biggest cinema stars. Our last panelist is Shumaila Bhatti AKA Desi Bombshell, a comedian who started on Youtube and has now grown his success on Facebook with over 180,000 followers.


 irum parveen vilal  ma  billie fieldman  Bhavini Joshi  shumaila Bhatti  Imran J Khan  
 Irum Parveen Bilal  Mahum Jamal  Billie Feldman  Bhavini Joshi  Shumalia Bhatti  Imran J Khan  

An informational panel with college students from a diverse selection of public and private universities.

Join our College Planning session panel to gain insights from students from universities such as Minerva University, Zaytuna College, and UC Davis along with unique perspectives from Santa Clara University and Notre Dame College. Starting with the college application process, find your niche as you discover the college path that you aspire for.

Is Social Good congruent with the world of business? Can startups be formed, funded, developed and expected to implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues? Is profit not an incentive for a social entrepreneur? How is the concept of social entrepreneurship applied to organizations with different sizes, aims, and beliefs? Join this session with entrepreneurs who are seeking to solve a social issue by providing alternatives to current market solutions or by changing the conversation altogether about what solutions can be offered to a persistent problem. Learn how to raise funds, hire “A” players and do all the things that successful startups are supposed to do, while still remaining true to the socially impactful mission.


Session Chair:

Shahab Riazi

Komal Ahmad Shameehah Ismail Maryam Arshad 



ot Your Father’s Supply Chain Scene: Logistics in the Age of AI
Supply chain is undergoing a revolution as large companies seek game changing  improvements. Is there space for startups to make 10X improvements in supply chain?  Do drones help? Is robotics the key? How can big data and AI improve decision making? Discover all this and more as experts explore technologies that are revolutionizing global supply chain.

raheel bodla Bindiya Vakil1 waheed umrani babar khan
   Raheel Bodla    Bindiya Vakil  Wahid Umerani  Babar Yasin

Technology-driven trends will revolutionize how industry players respond to changing consumer behavior, develop partnerships and drive transformational change. In not too distant future, can you imagine cities where public transportation, ride-hailing and personal vehicles are autonomous and human driving is restricted?  However, for foreseeable future, self-driving cars will need to coexist with human drivers. Human drivers make a lot of mistakes. So will it be safer when self-driving cars will transport passengers and goods with some level of autonomy, by assisting or replacing human control. Is the technology and Machine Learning models and training data sets sufficient to be ready for this reality?  What will happen in different industries in response to this technological transformation and what are the consumer expectations? Hear experts on the latest in this area.

Self Driving Cars: An Era of Massive Change

Autonomous Driving: Programming Common Sense into Machines 



ben landen1
Panel Chair: Shoieb Yunus Faisal Mushtaq Ben Landen Mohammad Musa John Della Penna

Of Start-Ups and Re-Starts: Managing New Beginnings and Career Transitions 
This panel is designed for people re-entering the work force and recent college graduates starting out in entrepreneurial or corporate careers. Experts provide insights, tips, and tools for everyone who is starting out or restarting their career, particular in startup land.
Erum Chaudry aniqa hijazi saba ahmad ami shah Screen Shot 2018 05 08 at 8.40.58 PM

Erum Chaudry  Aniqa Hijazi  Saba Ahmad   Ami Shah  Mahin F. Arastu  

The session highlights the work lead by TechWomen . TechWomen empowers, connects and supports the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East by providing them the access and opportunity needed to advance their careers, pursue their dreams, and inspire women and girls in their communities. Through mentorship and exchange, TechWomen strengthens participants’ professional capacity, increases mutual understanding between key networks of professionals, and expands girls’ interest in STEM careers by exposing them to female role models.

This panel will highlight work done around mentoring women from Pakistan in the Bay Area. The guest speakers have travelled to Pakistan and will share insight into opportunities to invest and mentor. Panelists also include a mentor founder of Gaza Geeks, and a podcastor who shares a passion on interviewing women leaders from Asia.

Session for everyone wanting to get inspired and learn about mentoring global mentees.

reshma hyder Iliana Montauk jillian scott ailia janjua 2 sidra riaz  
Reshma Hyder  Iliana Montouk Jillian Scott   Alya Janjua Sidra Riaz  

Funding Workshop

All startups need capital to grow and scale.  What are the sources available to you and how should you approach them?  How do you negotiate a term-sheet and what exactly is the process of getting funded.  This workshop will answer all of your questions about raising money. We will outline three things that you must have before you should approach an investor.  We will demystify all of the terms that you will need to know, including pre and post money valuation, convertible notes, SAFE, common and preferred shares and the process of due diligence.  Bring some writing material as there be will a lot of information disseminated in this session.


naeem zafar  
Naeem Zafar