Autonomous Driving and the Era of Massive Change

Technology-driven trends will revolutionize how industry players respond to changing consumer behavior, develop partnerships and drive transformational change. In not too distant future, can you imagine cities where public transportation, ride-hailing and personal vehicles are autonomous and human driving is restricted?  However, for foreseeable future, self-driving cars will need to coexist with human drivers. Human drivers make a lot of mistakes. So will it be safer when self-driving cars will transport passengers and goods with some level of autonomy, by assisting or replacing human control. Is the technology and Machine Learning models and training data sets sufficient to be ready for this reality?  What will happen in different industries in response to this technological transformation and what are the consumer expectations? Hear experts on the latest in this area.

Self Driving Cars: An Era of Massive Change

Autonomous Driving: Programming Common Sense into Machines 



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Panel Chair: Shoieb Yunus Faisal Mushtaq Ben Landen Mohammad Musa John Della Penna