Digital Pakistan

As the 5th largest country in the world, there are over 211 Million Pakistanis, with a median age of only 23 years! For comparison, the median age of Americans is 38 years; Japan is 46. It's no surprise that Pakistan is on-the-move, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy. With 139 million cellphone users, Pakistan is the 9th largest market for cellphones in the world. There are more broadband Internet users in Pakistan than the entire population of Canada. More Pakistanis use Facebook and Twitter than the entire populations of Australia and New Zealand combined. Six tech unicorns have Pakistani roots and, Pakistan is buzzing with hundreds of startups, scores of incubators and investors. There are over 150,000 Pakistani software developers on platforms such as upwork, making over USD 850 Million annually. There is no dearth of engineering talent or entrepreneurial energy, and you'd do well by investing in our "Digital Pakistan".  


husain dawood  shazada dawood  imran sayeed 
 Hussain Dawood  Shazada Dawood  Imran Sayeed