The IoT opportunity and pitfalls

IoT is the foundation of the global industrial transformation (4th wave). It promises better production productivity, a hyper-connected manufacturing ecosystem, deeper insights into what customers want, new revenue streams and more reliable products.

However, when using IoT to enhance business there’s clearly no-one-size-fits-all approach. The key to success with IoT is to embrace digitization where you think it will drive the most innovation. Whether the IoT objective is internal or external, systematically understanding the goal, clearly outlining the capabilities needed for success, and developing a solution that supports your long-term objectives is the key to success.

We are going to have a distinguished panel of IoT experts who will try to elucidate on the IoT challenges and opportunities for Cities and Governments, Enterprises, Cloud Companies, ISPs and solution providers.


Jawad Tareen supreet oberoi
Session Chair: Waqas Khan Ahsan Baig  Farooq Anjum Jawad Treen    Supreet Oberoi