Lights Camera Action

Speakers from the Media, Arts, and Entertainment industry, speak about their journey to success.

The Media & Entertainment panel consists of high profile speakers with successful careers in the entertainment industries. Mahum Jamal is a Pakistani-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles who has created multiple award winning films, including her recent film, A Good Dream.  Billie Feldman is a film producer who has recently produced a short film, Easy 4U2 Say, and is also in pre-production for a movie called Elementary Blackmail. Another panelist is Bhavini Joshi, CEO/Founder of Instant Karma, a Bay Area premiere entertainment company that organizes events of many of the biggest cinema stars. Our last panelist is Shumaila Bhatti AKA Desi Bombshell, a comedian who started on Youtube and has now grown his success on Facebook with over 180,000 followers.


 irum parveen vilal  ma  billie fieldman  Bhavini Joshi  shumaila Bhatti  Imran J Khan  
 Irum Parveen Bilal  Mahum Jamal  Billie Feldman  Bhavini Joshi  Shumalia Bhatti  Imran J Khan