Technology Revolution, What is the Next Big Thing?

The technology landscape continues to change rapidly.  Compute power is increasing while compute costs are decreasing.  This session will explore the next big emerging trends and the impact these will have on our lives.  The panel comprises of industry leaders passionate about driving change in the world.  We are on the verge of effectively having unlimited bandwidth, enormous cloud-based computational power and data at our finger tips, available anywhere on any device at any time.  These advancements will fundamentally change the human-machine interface and interactions, realizing that security and data privacy issues will continue to pose significant challenges. How will the re-emergence of Artificial Intelligence concepts be applied to everyday tasks.  What are barriers to have a fully "autonomous life style?” How will we manage our health and wealth in the future? Tighten your seatbelts as we journey into a world of technology, data convergence and cool, kickass applications

ghufran ahmed  andy yasutake  zak mandhro  Kash Iftikhar 
 Ghufran Ahmed  Andy Yasutake  Zak Mandhora  Kash Iftikhar