The Art of The Side Hustle

Atif Javed and Zahra Billoo, two accomplished professionals entrepreneurs, will be sharing their insights on how they are able to complement their careers with social justice and aid initiatives. These initiatives  have impacted the lives and hearts of many. Atif Javed was awarded the MIT Martin Luther King Jr. Service Award, Silicon Valley Business Journal's 40 Under 40, and featured in Forbes and TechCrunch after launching Tarjimly in Y Combinator. Tarjimly is a real-time translation app that allows 3 billion bilinguals to translate for the 23 million refugees worldwide. Zahra Billoo is well known for her work as a civil rights attorney and the executive director of the SF Bay Area chapter of CAIR, highlighted on a local and national level. Outside of her work with CAIR, Zahra bakes birthday cakes for foster children through Cake4Kids and is a coordinator for Project Feed, a monthly homeless feeding effort in downtown San Francisco.


Sameehah Hussain Atif Javed zahra billo  
 Samehah Hussain  Atif Javed  Zahra Billo